Using Facebook’s ‘’Book Now’’ button to increase bookings.

by Eliisa L.

30 July 2020

Utilising social media for business purposes

Social media once served the purpose of keeping people connected - now, it plays a major role in the business world. Majority of businesses know the importance of having online presence, and have multiple social media channels. However, many still do not utilise them for business purposes, even though in essence, these are often the first places where customers find them. 

Before we get into the importance of having a call-to-action on your Facebook business page, let's take a quick look at some recent statistics related to consumer behaviour and social media platforms. 

👉 On average, over 1.73 billion people log onto Facebook on a daily basis. This is a 11% increase in year-over-year.

👉 Back in 2018, over 55% of online shoppers made a purchase via a social media channel - and the number is growing.

👉 In a few years, people's attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds

👉 Adding a CTA to your Facebook business page can increase your click-through-rate by 285%.  


Why should you add a CTA? 

Social media is no longer a mere way to reach and stay connected with your audience. Before making a purchase decision people still tend to do their research, which includes checking a company’s online channels - social media pages often being the first. 

Consumer behaviour has evolved over past years, to where even our attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. This means companies have to make the shopping experience extremely easy and fast in order to keep the customers' attention. 

Facebook especially offers many tools for increasing sales and by driving your page traffic to important sales channels. One easy-to-use feature that every business should take advantage of is the Book Now -button


By adding a link which directs the customer straight to the booking page, you’re removing one additional step in the rental process and increasing the amount of potential bookings. Considering the number of shoppers using mobile devices, you want to keep the online booking experience as short and easy as possible. 

It really is that simple: Setting up a CTA directs traffic to your online rental shop, which can increase your number of bookings! 

How to add a ‘’Book Now’’ button onto your Facebook page? 

  1. Go to your Page and click the blue ‘’ + Add a Button ‘’ button below your page’s cover photo. 
  2. Select ‘’Book Now’’ as the action. 
  3. During Step 2 select ‘’Link to a website’’ and add your Rentle shop’s URL - both Rentle Lite and Rentle Core shops work. 
  4. Select Finish and you’re ready to roll! 

While you’re at it, make sure that all of your information is up-to-date! If something seems unclear, Facebook has great help center articles you can check out. 

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