Updates to UI, new reports, and the next steps

by Akseli L.

05 June 2019

We have worked hard during the past few weeks for the new update. Our new recruitments have speeded up the product development cycle and we've been able to ship updates to the UI and a couple of new features. During the next weeks we are focusing on finalising the online store and improving the rental booking calendar.

What have we deployed?

New rental view

The update in the UI enables the rental shop workers to create rentals and bookings as well as attaching products to certain customers. Earlier it was only possible to send rental links to customers so that they could fill the necessary information by them selves. In practice, the opens more versatile possibilities to serve customers.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 10.32.54

New rental view.

Rentals view

In the Rentals view it is now easier to recognise walk-in customers from reservations. In the reservations tab, we've added color coding in addition to the possibility to filter the view based on the rental type (walk-in or reservation) and rental status (pending or confirmed). In the on rent tab, you're now able to search rentals by the name of the customer or the product id.

Reports view

Sales report is the new addition to the reports view. It shows the best sales days on a monthly level but also the busiest hours on a day level. Furthermore, sales report shows the best selling products, total revenue, and the amount of rentals and shoppers.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 11.04.55

Sales report.

Marketing list  is a collection of the people who have given their permission to use their information for the marketing purposes. Besides the name and email address, the list shows information about from what product category each customer rented and how many persons was included in the rental.

Coming up next

Online store

The most important update in the near future will be the launching of online store for rentals. With the online store, rental shops can easily start renting and taking reservations online without the fear of double bookings as the same inventory is connected to online and in-store systems. Furthermore, you can also set a limit for online rentals if you don't prefer to make your whole capacity available online.

Once the online store is launched, the online rentals will be separated as their own rental type in the rentals view's reservations tab.

Online store

UI prototype of the online store customer flow.

Booking calendar

The rentals view will soon be improved with a visual booking calendar. It makes perceiving the availability of products faster. You can eye the availability of products on a montly, weekly, or daily level

Booking calendar

Booking calendar 2

UI prototype of the booking calendar.

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