Support your destination: Take a virtual holiday!

by Eliisa L.

23 March 2020

You’ve seen it on the news and on all other social media platforms. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are struggling. While the future is looking uncertain, many have already been forced to close their doors. 

We at Rentle didn’t just want to just sit around and send our thoughts and prayers to these businesses. These are our friends we’re talking about - and we help our friends! 

These friends that we’re talking about, are the same ones who have helped YOU to experience new things, make unforgettable memories with your family and friends, and overall just have a holiday to look forward to. It’s the resorts, rental shops and activity providers we’re talking about.

Now, it’s our time to help them out.

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Together with Reddy, we created #SupportYourDestination: a movement and a website through which you can help these businesses out. We welcome destinations to join, organizations to partner up, and individuals to spread the word and promote these businesses by sharing memories and bucket-list plans, tagging the destinations and using the hashtag #SupportYourDestination. 

The website also offers incredible virtual holidays, as well as the destinations’ merchandise you can buy in order to support the businesses.

Become a destination partner 

We have designers, e-commerce and social media professionals on board, creating guides and supporting businesses with whatever they need in order to overcome these challenging times. All free of charge, of course. 

If you know a destination that should become a partner? Let them know about Want to get on the destination list? Email us at

Include the following information into the email:

  • Company name, Country, City/Region
  • Services and activities (Bike rent, ski rent, guided tours, etc.)
  • Website & Social media addresses
  • Support channels (current online shop, social media channels)

In case you are in need of an online merchandise store, Reddy provides you with easy e-commerce solution. It's easy to set up, and Reddy takes care of everything from manufacturing to shipping. The  and the only thing you need to worry about is spreading the word and promoting your shop and the campaign. 

What are you waiting for? Visit and take a virtual holiday! Or use the hashtag #SupportYourDestination to help spread the word and create more visibility for the destinations. 

Let’s help each other out.

With love, 

Rentle Team. 💙

Eliisa L.

The storyteller that spends her time in the studio, outdoors, or creating the best, most relevant content for rental shops.

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