Take advantage of the off-season: prepare and improve your online channels

by Eliisa L.

31 March 2020

COVID-19 has forced businesses all around the globe to adapt to new working habits, with the biggest change being caused by social distancing. Mandatory remote work, whether you’re used to it or not, can be exhausting and quite frankly, boring. 

Rentle is currently in 100% remote work mode, and fully operational without a need to compromise the quality or efficiency of our work. Our product development and other operations carry on normally, while continuing to provide our clients with the best service and solutions. 

In order to keep the wheels rolling, our team has come up with a few ways of dealing with these unusual working circumstances. Check out the end of this post to see how we cope with working from home, in the meanwhile, here's what you can do during off-season.

Make your website one of the cornerstones of your business

At this point, this is quite literally the only way to keep your cash flow running consistently. If you have planned a website update, researched a suitable e-commerce solution, or simply have just neglected your online sales lately - now is your time act!

Your company’s website should not be only a digital presentation of your company. Instead, it should be a significant source of revenue that helps you to get over this exceptional period, while also being the trigger for your business’s next growth leap.

One could argue that they have their email address and phone number on the website. Can’t people make bookings just by emailing or calling? Yes that’s possible - but before settling for that, read further.

Most of the people don’t bother to call or email. Especially if they come from abroad. Instead, they want to book gear directly through the website. We have noticed that in some cases the number of bookings can double or even triple when changing from email/phone to an interactive online booking system.

Read how our customer doubled their revenue after starting to take online bookings with Rentle.

Another aspect to consider is how the online bookings transfer to your order management tool. As quite rarely a rental shop operates solely online, it’s essential that the online booking system is in sync with the real-time situation in-store. When choosing the best online booking solution for a rental shop, pay attention to the following:

  • Are the online bookings utilizing the same resources as the walk-in rentals?
  • Are the bookings automatically updated to the order management system or does it require manual work?
  • Are you able to impress your customers by offering a specific brand and model online without completely messing up your inventory availability? If a customer makes a booking for a specific brand and model, they expect to get access to that specific brand and model. As a consumer, it’s pretty disappointing to get something different than what you ordered.
  • Are you able to create and rent out bundled sets of equipment?

Of course, revamping your website isn't the only thing you can or should work on during off-season. It's only one thing you should pay attention when there's extra time. Things like in-store operations, marketing & advertising planning, and preparations for the season are just as important - and we will cover them in our upcoming posts.

Generally, none of us can control the current situation or decide when it will end. The only thing you and we can and should do RIGHT NOW, is to make sure we are as well prepared as possible when the life gets back to normal.

Rentle at home

As promised, here’s a sneak peek & a few tips on how we’re keeping ourselves motivated, productive and from losing our minds:

Image from iOS (1) image_from_ios Image from iOS (2)


Some of us are lucky enough to have four-legged furry friends keeping us company and forcing us to have breaks (some friends are more helpful than others though). Changing the view from the work desk has been found to be an effective way to keep the mind fresh; keep in mind we don’t advise taking any last-minute trips anywhere. 


Image from iOS (4)Image from iOS (4) Image from iOS (5)-1 image_from_ios (1)


Others have found innovative ways to keep your body and mind active; DIY stand up working stations, power breaks in form of exercising, and of course the Quarantine Daily Challenge. In addition to this, we’ve made an effort to keep the team spirit high with a Rentle Lounge (a constantly ongoing conference call held on Google Hangouts), and daily Spotify playlists.


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Eliisa L.

The storyteller that spends her time in the studio, outdoors, or creating the best, most relevant content for rental shops.

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