Start saving time by automating your rental shop operations

by Akseli L.

06 May 2019

Due to the lack of suitable solutions or sheer habit, the current operations in many rental shops are heavier than they’d need to be and require a lot of manual work. Processes relying on manual work makes data-driven decision making very difficult because the data isn’t automatically stored and organized. Automating the operations of rental shops with a digital solution not only reduces the amount of manual work but also enables better collection and usage of data.

Why utilizing data can be hard - the format matters

We have seen examples, where:

  • Inventory management is held in Excel
  • Rental bookings and tracking of the items are done with a paper calendar
  • Rental contracts are done on paper
  • Different processes are performed with several separate softwares which are not connected
  • Customer data is not collected or it is stored in a non-analyzable form and in some cases even shredded after the rental

It is possible to get the job done and keep the daily operations running with these solutions but doing more long-term and strategic data-analysis will be extremely hard simply because it requires a huge amount of time and work to start analyzing data that is not organized or is in a wrong format. On top of the long days at the rental shops, we can imagine that conducting a data-analysis is not very high on the priority list.

Automating and digitizing the operations

We totally get that a starting rental entrepreneur comes along well with light processes and tools. However, once your customer base grows the processes that used to serve you well might become bottlenecks that hinders the growth of your business. Rentle helps rental shops from the day one to automate and digitize the bottleneck processes such as:

  • Bookings
  • Inventory management
  • Rental contracts
  • Customer check-in
  • Returns
  • Feedback collection
  • Other bottlenecks

With the right tools, you will not only make everyday life significantly easier at your rental shop but also improve the utilization of data. If possible, collect the data into one place to make your analysis process easier. 

We strongly recommend you to start investigating the possibilities of automating your operations step by step. You’ll not only save a tremendous amount of time which you could use to creating better rental experiences for your customers but also give yourself an opportunity to make better, data-driven, decisions.  

Do you find all this too complicated? Let us help you and book a time for a 30-minute consultancy call with us. Together we can map your current operations, and find ways how to improve them in terms of efficiency and data collection.

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