Performance enhancements and other feature news

by Akseli L.

10 February 2020

The product development announcements have had a bit longer release cycle during the past couple of months. However, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening at our HQ. Actually, it is very much the opposite. There are two reasons for the more conservative release cycle lately:

  1. Many of our customers have their most important sales season during the winter months. Therefore, we have prioritized stability and reliability over publishing new features.
  2. Related to the first point, we have made significant improvements to performance, stability, and reliability. These things are not as visible for the users as e.g., new features but still have a huge impact on the user experience, especially in the long run.

Despite all the above, there is still quite a list of features that we'd like to announce.

Rent again -option to expired rentals

The purpose of this feature is to speed up the process where a customer wants to continue the reservation immediately after the initial return time or wants to make the same booking for the next days. 

If only part of the group wants to continue the rental, it is possible to select the individual shoppers from the original reservation and drop out the shoppers who are not included in the new reservation. 


Segments in the online shop

Online shop now supports segment-based pricing. For example, many shops offer discounted prices for specific customer segments (e.g., students). Previously Rentle has supported "segment-based pricing" with only in-store rentals.

Note: Rentle is not responsible for confirming if the customer has the right to the discount.


Early pick-ups

Many times, when customers have reserved equipment for the next morning, they would like to pick up the stuff already in the previous evening, so that they get to the planned activity first thing in the morning without the need to queue their equipment.

From the shop's point of view, this is also an excellent way to manage the workload, since there are usually more employee resources to prepare equipment in the evening compared to the peak hours in the morning.

Previously if the rental shop started a rental when the "hand-out" happened (e.g., at 18:00) the previous evening, the start and return time were automatically adjusted by Rentle. Because of this, the return time was often far from what it should.

Now shops can overwrite the automatic starting time adjustment made by Rentle and preset the starting time to be fixed to follow the original starting time in the reservation.


Opening hours per location

If a chain has multiple shop locations with different opening hours, they are now able to define the opening hours by location. If the opening hours are not defined by location, every shop will use the primary location's opening hours by default.


Add support for multi-device operations on the single rental view

To better support rental shops that serve big groups, we have improved the ability to prepare rentals at multiple work stations. Previously Rentle had a five-second delay in autosaving, which has made the simultaneous preparation of the same reservation sub-optimal, as the changes from one user overwrite the changes from another user that is working on the same rental.

Now that the delay is removed, shops can operate with multiple work-stations, all preparing the same (big) order simultaneously. The inputted info is saved in real-time, and also shows a notification if a device goes offline. The employees can continue editing/starting/ending rentals offline, and when the network is back online, Rentle will sync all the updates made while the computer was offline.


The "saved" icon in the top left corner indicates that all the changes are saved.

Smaller fixes and updates

  • Small design updates to make the user interface more uniform
  • Fixed issues and bugs

Akseli L.

The marketing guy who spends his time cycling, photographing, and helping rental shops to thrive on a daily basis.

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