+10 new features to make the rental shop management easier

by Akseli L.

12 August 2019

Couple weeks ago we announced enhancements to the features that makes managing the multi-channel renting easier. Since then, we've again pushed tons of new stuff into production. Without further ado let's see what's new this time.

Limited product availability in online store

Usually selling out and being fully booked is a positive problem. But if your online store proves to be a success and bookings start to flood in, soon you might face another problem - how to serve the walk-in customers if a big part of your capacity is already booked. To solve this problem, shops are now able to limit the available online capacity.

Shop channel tab redesigned to better show shop url’s

Every Rentle account comes with an online stoore, that's nothing new. To make it more clear where to edit the store's URL, find the online store and how to set-up the self-service terminal in-store, we have redesigned the Channels tab in the Store settings.

Channel settings


Ability to mark collected and prepared bookings

Whenever possible, you should try to prepare the rental bookings that you receive from online store or via phone or email in advance. To help recognising which rentals have been collected and prepared, you're now able to mark them in the Rentals page under the Bookings tab. Once the rental has been market as prepared, it'll be marked with a green rectangle. 

prepare order-1


Translations for product variants

Earlier it has only been possible to give translations to product names and descriptions but translating the product variants hasn't been possible. Well now the this has changed and also product variants can be given translations.

Paper receipt of order confirmation when starting rental

We have added the support for printing receipts of rental orders. You may toggle it on in the Store settings.

NOTE: This is not a payment receipt!

Add multiple users to the Rentle account

It is possible to add multiple users to one Rentle account by inviting them via email. There's no limit how many users one can have in Rentle.

Coming later: Assign different roles for different users.

And a bunch of other stuff

  • Change the product variant with the product ID when making rentals through the admin panel
  • SMS rental link delivery status shows if there are errors in sending SMS messages
  • Smaller bug fixes

There's a lot of cool stuff coming up shortly. If you want to stay updated about our product development, feel free to subscribe our blog.

Akseli L.

The marketing guy who spends his time cycling, photographing, and helping rental shops to thrive on a daily basis.

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