New features focusing on speed of usage

by Akseli L.

27 September 2019

The upcoming winter season has kept our product development busy as we have been preparing to the high volumes of the winter season. In practice that means developing features that speed up the usage of Rentle, encouraging end-users to make equipment reservations in advance (via the online store), and solving several other problems.

The last deployment included much desired features such as Mass return mode, Ability to change product details of active rentals, and enhancements to the online store such as support for multiple locations.

Mass return mode

As the title describes, this is a feature that enables rental shop workers to return products in masses, without the need to open and return every single rental separately in Rentle. Together with a barcode reader the feature is a killer and speeds up the returning process of rental items.

mass return-1

🚀Scan as many items as necessary and return them all at once. The feature is recommended to be used together with a barcode reader. 

Editing the active rentals

We have added a possibility to edit all the necessary information of active rentals. It is possible, for instance, to change the returning date and products during an ongoing rental, edit the customer's contact details and measurements if necessary. Furthermore, it is now possible to return individual products in the middle of an active rental as well as add more products to the rental. The feature adds tons of flexibility for the rental shops and enables serving the end-users better.

edit rentals-1

The changes to the bookings and active rentals can be made on the Rentals page.

Customers' measurements and up-selling in online store 

Many products require knowing the measurements of the customers before the rental. Earlier, it wasn't possible to fill the measurement details in the online store so the end-users had to fulfil the details in-store upon arrival. Now end-users can fill all the necessary information in Rentle's online store, which makes serving the online clients even more fluent and decreases the time spent in the rental shop.

Soon, we're also bringing the up-selling and product recommendation feature, familiar from the check-in channel, to the online store.

Multi-location support for online store

If the rental company has multiple locations, end-users can select the preferable pick-up location in the online store. You can set up the locations in the Shop settings. Relating to the multi-location support, admin side will soon receive a bunch of new features to help managing rentals in multiple locations.

Multi location

If rental shop has multiple locations, customers can select where they want to pick-up their order.

Automatic DIN calculation (coming shortly)

This feature is purely for the ski rental shops. DIN value is a numeric value to help reduce the chances of injury in Alpine skiing. Alpine ski bindings are designed to release your boot in event of crash and the DIN setting is the indication how easily the boot release from the binding.

Calculating DIN values in ski rental shops consumes a lot of time, so if that time can be reduced the whole operation in the ski rental shops speeds up significantly.

Better barcode support (coming shortly)

There's no winner of a barcode reader when it comes to the fastest way to operate a high volume rental shop. We have made a lot of improvements to support the usage of barcode readers better. Now, for instance, it is possible to open active rentals just by reading a barcode from a product. Decreases the amount of clicks and speeds up the daily processes.

Speed improvements and bug fixes

Besides the new features, we have made speed and performance improvements to the Rentals page and several smaller fixes to the existing features.

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Akseli L.

The marketing guy who spends his time cycling, photographing, and helping rental shops to thrive on a daily basis.

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