Flexible discounts and other product updates from March

by Eliisa L.

03 April 2020

Regardless of the exceptional times we have gone through in March, our development team has been working normally and implemented new updates and improvements to Rentle. These updates improve both the user and customer experiences.

Currency support for different currencies 💲

Rentle now supports all the currencies across the globe.

currency dropdown menu

Dutch language to consumer interfaces 🇳🇱

Great news for our Benelux customers: the consumer interfaces (online shop and in-store check-in stations) now have an option to be presented in Dutch. Being able to shop online in one’s native language improves the overall customer experience.

language options menu in-store and online

Improved order confirmation emails 🛠

We have managed to decrease the amount of steps to complete an order or reservation online by allowing the consumers to edit their information for their online rentals through their order confirmation email. Usually, the fewer steps a consumer must go through in an online shop, the better is the conversion rate of finishing the order.

Collecting all the necessary information, such as height, in advance helps rental shops provide the customer with the perfect gear but also saves time and helps to manage inventory accordingly.

Improved user & onboarding experience 🚀

While many more minor improvements were made, some bigger changes were implemented into the admin side of Rentle.

Starting from the beginning, a new landing page will welcome any new users right after registering. The straight-forward layout will let the new users to either test out the platform with so-called “dummy products” or start creating actual product listings straight from the bat. This update makes the onboarding experience more clear and helps in understanding the product faster. 

In other user experience news - we have added a ‘’View Store’’ -button in the top right corner of the admin view that allows faster and easier access to the customers’ online shop view. This preview-like element will help the user to keep up with how implemented changes look on the actual site. 


Flexible pricing in rental view 🤩

The update allows more flexible pricing, meaning that the user is able to change product prices on the fly freely - including during active rentals. In addition to the already existing order-specific discounts, the user can now add shopper-specific discounts, to any active rentals as well.

By allowing flexibility through on-demand changes with shopper-specific orders creates a smoother experience for the user and adds a bunch of personalization to the customer experience. 

personalized shopper-specific discounts

If you have any questions regarding the new features, visit http://help.rentle.io/en/ or contact us directly info@rentle.io.

Eliisa L.

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