Introducing Rentle Lite: the free online rental software

by Eliisa L.

10 July 2020

Rentle Lite & Rentle Core

We believe that renting should be free, easy, and accessible for everyone - and now it is. Introducing Rentle Lite and Rentle Core: the plans that will fit any and all of your needs. 

Rentle Core is an end-to-end solution for your shop. It's designed for more robust operations and higher rental volume in general. In addition to the Rentle Lite features, with Core you'll be able to manage in-store operations, benefit from advanced automation, integrate with industry partners, and much more. 

Rentle Lite on the other hand, has all the essentials you need in order to get started with your online renting - for free! Create a Rentle Lite account in under 5 minutes to check it out, or continue reading to learn more about the benefits. 

👉 Check out all the features and their benefits 


Rentle Lite
Rentle Core
✔️ Commission / Fixed fee
✔️ Online Bookings
✔️ Online bookings with
multi-location support 
✔️ Payments
✔️ Payments
✔️ Products & Inventory
✔️ In-Store operations &
unlimited inventory locations
✔️ Reports & Accounting
✔️ Reports, Accounting, & Marketing
✔️ Wordpress widget
✔️ Integrations
✔️ Awesome support
✔️ Awesome support

The easiest way to start renting online

Getting started with renting online and operating Rentle Lite is easy - very easy. The learning period can be counted in minutes, as the user interface is carefully designed to be intuitive to use. This results in overall faster operations, fewer mistakes, and less seasonal employee coaching. Within 5 minutes of setting up, you can already start accepting bookings online from multiple channels. 


Increase sales & number of bookings 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: you’re losing sales without an online booking system. Rentle Lite helps you serve the needs of a modern day customer, allowing them to access your store and make bookings at any given time from any device. 

Especially during times like these, arriving to a shop and queuing in a crowded space might not be something your customers would want to do.

With Rentle you won't only increase the number of bookings, but you can also grow your average cart size. For example, one of our customers multiplied the number of their advance bookings, and doubled their revenue after taking Rentle into use. 

👉 More about our customer stories.


As we said, we wanted to make renting online accessible, easy, and most importantly, free. Rentle Lite has everything you need to get started, without it costing you anything. Whether you’re an established shop, or just getting started, Rentle is the best option for you.

In case you want to start accepting payments, check out our pricing list for more details. 


Learn more about Rentle Lite  & get started today



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