How your business can secure revenue in advance

by Eliisa Lukjanova

20 March 2020

The climate in which companies conduct business is constantly changing. Especially in uncertain times like these it is important to seek opportunities and ways to keep the cash flow going. Here are some tips on how you can keep your business up and running.

Boost your online presence for bookings

Or you haven’t started yet? Go online - now! Online shopping is the epitome of the modern consumer experience. From the customers’ perspective, it saves time, is extremely convenient, and usually more comfortable that queuing in a crowded rental shop. Online shop allows customers to easily access the store on any device from wherever, whenever - even when you’re not there to answer the phone or reply to emails. To make it even simpler: you’re losing sales without an online booking system.

Moreover, moving online helps you in your daily work. You can schedule you work much better and make rental processes more streamlined. With the right software, the inventory is easy to manage, both for in-store and online rentals.

This allows you to put all focus to go to the better customer experience. By moving the rental services from phone and email to an online shop powered by Rentle, our partner multiplied their number of bookings compared to the previous year. Ultimately this doubled their rental revenue. 


Expand your offering & recommend additional products

By expanding the offering and products, you save your customers’ time and effort, making the online shopping experience even more convenient. Spare your customers the trouble of figuring out what they need with ready-made sets.

Beginners’ set, kids’ set, or essential extras’ set - the customer is only one click away from having all necessary equipment. (and one click away from bringing you even more revenue) 

The online shop’s design and layout, together with well-thought-out recommended additional products could bring significant increases in the average shopping cart size. By making the slightly more expensive premium products more visible, customers are more likely to also invest in them.

With clever recommendations, eg. a helmet and hot chocolate with skis, our client’s avg. shopping cart size have grown over 20%. 

Screenshot 2019-11-04 at 16.05.12


Whether your discount is for bundle deals or simply just making the booking online - even the smallest discounts trigger more customers to buy. Online shop powered by Rentle offers an easy solution to this with the ability to set channel-specific pricing. Remember, a paying customer is a committed customer!


Psst.. What if we told you that based on our data, on average every visitor who enters the online shop powered by Rentle generates 6€ in revenue - What would you do? 

We would say: PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! Different channels attract different audiences; investing in targeted promotions helps attract buying customers. Also, for the best results, make the entrance to your online shop as visible as possible! Website visitors don’t usually have the longest patience, Therefore, the most important call-to-action on your website should be clear, visible, and on top of the most important landing page. 

P.S. Download a free copy of our e-book: E-Commerce for rental shops.

Eliisa Lukjanova

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