How accurate is your online product listing?

by Eliisa L.

21 April 2020

The importance of accurate online product listing

Accurate and well-made product listings make the renting experience for the customers easier and more encouraging. This makes a good impression and helps gain the consumers’ trust: a pro will be convinced that you know your products and know-how to meet their needs, meanwhile, a first-timer will find the shop more reliable, and overall the whole rental experience more approachable.

Even though shopping online provides consumers with significant benefits when they search for information and evaluate options, the information provided on the website must compensate for the lack of physical contact with the product and communication with the shop personnel.

By offering accurate descriptions of a product, you’re making a promise and setting up the customer's expectations of what they’re going to receive. In order for the customer to get access to the specific products they ordered, your inventory availability should be working flawlessly too.

Imagine your disappointment if you received something else from what you ordered. Not cool, right?

Disappointing experiences also negatively affect reputation, brand and customer retention. Of course, there is also a legal obligation to deliver what was promised. 

The characteristics of a well-written product listing 🌟

Detailed descriptions 🔍

A good product description doesn't have to be long or complex. What it needs are details that set each product apart from each other. Compared to a generic description with little to no details, a detailed one will inspire confidence from the customer's side and let them know what product they can expect to receive upon arrival to the shop. 


While writing descriptions it is good to have two factors in mind which should affect your choice of words: the customers and Google. The right choice of words will help tremendously with your search engine visibility - but more about this later! 

Highlight benefits rather than features  ✅

Be more descriptive in your listings. Not everyone is familiar with the different products, or models, or what abbreviations mean - it can get overwhelming for a customer, especially if there is a lot to choose from.

Offering the details and specifics of a product, explaining how the features actually affect the performance makes the rental experience more understandable and easier to approach. For example, which sounds more appealing:


Not only does it differentiate the products from each other, but the dynamic and exciting texts also get the consumer excited as well! 

Write your product descriptions with your target audience in mind  🙋

Related to the previous point of highlighting the benefits, it should always be kept in mind that most businesses have a broad clientele - from the experienced athletes to first-timers who are just getting introduced to the sport. Your product descriptions and the language you use should match the target audience and what they’re looking for. 

Complicated terms and detailed specifics aren’t necessarily what a first-timer is looking for - offer a relatable description in addition to the product details. Meanwhile, a more experienced athlete will be looking for more performance-related terms and details. For example: 


Beginners Ski Set - Elan Element ELW 9 

The rockered tip and tail are soft enough that they won’t bite back in the middle of a tentative turn, and the narrow 76-millimeter waist is extremely easy to manage. The ski is able to flex naturally thanks to included wood within the core - making this ski set very forgiving and perfect for a beginner. 


Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC skis for more advanced skiers.

The top-level Giant Slalom racing ski package: the RC4 Worldcup RC with its RACETRACK plate carves aggressive turns with smooth performance, perfectly tuned for racers. With the slender sidecut, it is a genius with superior technology.

Keywords  🔑

Using relevant keywords in your product descriptions doesn’t only help out with accurate listings and approachable rental experience, it improves your website's visibility in search engines. 

A good level of SEO or search engine optimization is what makes you show up on the first page of a search engine when people search for certain products or services. If your descriptions are optimized and you’re using descriptive keywords, as well as multiple photos of a product, it increases the chances of your page popping up first when people search for products you can offer. 

The take-aways

  • Set expectations and something for the customer to look forward to - and keep your promise. 
  • Your product descriptions serve the same purpose services provided by a salesperson in a shop: writing accurate, descriptive and targeted listings help the consumers have a great rental experience both online and offline. 
  • Have your inventory sorted out and linked with the exact offering you have in-store. This helps out to streamline all back-office processes and makes the rental experience smooth for both parties.


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