April product updates: Improved multi-location support, new payment methods, and more.

by Eliisa L.

04 May 2020

Let’s see what our product development was able to deploy in April. The work continues and the team has been making Rentle more versatile and efficient with the latest update. 

Before we dive into the updates, we wanted to mention the awesome rental shops that are being innovative and keep finding new ways to deal with the current situation. To find out how your shop can also adapt to the new norm, check out our latest blog post on social distance renting

Product News

Admin UI improvements

We have added quick links to the New Booking and Bookings views, making it faster to navigate between the most used pages on Rentle. Furthermore, a black status toolbar, currently showing the online/offline status and time is a new addition. The toolbar is visible when Rentle is in full-screen mode.

Overall these updates make the admin site navigation more efficient. 


Improved Multi-Location Support 

With the addition of multi-location support, you can now manage products’ availabilities depending on their location. This enables hiding and making products visible in only certain shop locations.

After the update, product availabilities are calculated according to the location-specific inventories instead of the total number of equipment spread out in multiple locations. This enables having a faster real-time image of available products in each one of your shop locations. 

Longer Maintenance Times 

One of the updates includes the ability to change the maintenance times in-between rentals before the product becomes automatically available for new reservations.

Increasing buffer time allows flexibility and more time to check the condition of the equipment and for example, disinfect it before the next customer.

👉 For instructions on how to set up new maintenance times, visit our help center

updated buffer times

Payment methods: in-store and online 

We have added an option for the shops to choose, how they want to receive online bookings: prepaid, non-paid, or both by letting the customer decide. Shops can determine whether they want to accept only paid online bookings or allow customers to pay upon pick-up. This adds flexibility for both the shop and the customer. 

Five new languages

Rentle’s customer interfaces are now available in 12 languages! With the latest addition of French, Spanish, Norwegian, Hungarian, and Italian to the customer interfaces, you can now reach and provide service to a broader range of customers in their mother tongue. 

👉 More on how to add languages, visit our help center

addition of new translated languages to customer interface

Smaller additions and improvements

  • VAT now supports decimals
  • Added product sales separation to accounting report
  • Updated New product creation flow
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements

new product creation flowThe new creation flow makes the product-adding a much smoother and faster process. 🚀

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